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3 Sales Misconceptions

When people think of sales, they, unfortunately, have a negative connotation from some times spent on the phone, in person, or on the internet with a sales opportunity that went horrible wrong. It is the whole premise of the show the Office.

Here are Three Sales Myths: DEBUNKED!

1. A quote by Francis Brero, Co-Founder and CRO of Madkudu.

Salespeople are not defined by their Meyers- Briggs personality test. Like most jobs, sales can be taught, and when the right techniques are used, salespeople can come in every type because customers come in every kind of personality as well.

2. Myth 2: “Sales is a dead-end profession.”

Sales is a dead-end profession because good sales reps need to have thick skin, and they are a dying breed. As long as we live in a capitalistic world, salespeople will have jobs and money will be made by them. They make their own schedule; sometimes, they make good money, and they are humble to the word “no.”

The best products do not win the sale. The best salesperson does for forging the partnership and relationship with the company they are working with. It is not about the sale ----- as many people say- it is about knowing there is someone to call when you need help with a product you use that knows their products, trains their products and wants your business to succeed with your products.

CCAI knows that talking with your sales rep is not your top priority most days, but we strive to have a partnership so that none of these myths ever happen to you. Our mission is to provide a customer-focused sales organization for the build and maintenance of Telecommunications, Wireless, and Data Center communities in the Northeastern United States. With over 40 years of sales and technology experience, we can recommend and support the latest in network technologies

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